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At Seekwell, we craft premium hemp-derived wellness solutions that deliver consistent and dependable relief for specific medical conditions in every batch.

From Belief to proven Relief

Introducing Seekwell’s new standard of quality – our seal of assurance. With it, you can trust that every hemp-based product bearing it has been rigorously scientifically tested and proven to provide consistent therapeutic relief.

every time.


A promise not met

Today s wellness industry is rich with countless Hemp and CBD products that promise amazing benefits for various medical conditions. Unfortunately, there are no demands to prove these claims, and consumers must navigate this jungle of brands that offer almost no real evidence behind them.

Chemistry is NOT Enough

The search for high chemical percentages (COAs) in hemp products is a common trend in today’s industry, but these numbers don’t accurately reflect the product’s impact on the human body. With thousands of hemp varieties grown worldwide and a complex chemical composition, consistency from batch to batch is difficult to achieve.


Today, extracts are Selected for each specific product manufacturing according to their basic chemical profile’s COA (CBD and THC %) and not for biological functionality.
In reality, most brands MAY or MAY NOT have actual therapeutic benefits in their products. They can’t know, and therefore, they can’t assure efficacy.

Discover the Power of Diversity in Cannabis Strains

Our studies have shown that no two strains are exactly alike. Despite similar cannabinoid percentages, variations in chemical makeup can greatly impact biological results. Find the perfect strain for your needs with our scientific research and functional science.

Pioneers in functional science

“Bringing Science to Your Wellness: The Seekwell Advantage” At Seekwell, we’re all about putting the consumer first. Our unique technology matches hemp-based formulations with specific medical indications through a combination of precise biochemical analysis and proprietary AI-assisted processes. This results in a stable supply chain and expanding range of wellness solutions that are scientifically optimized for absorption and function. Experience the peace of mind that comes with batch-to-batch consistency in hemp efficacy – that’s the Seekwell advantage


Analyzing extracts from vendors all over the world, mapping and testing them to determine bio-functionality.


Each extract receives a unique Bio Efficacy Value [BEV] ID made of multiple bio-assay scores.


The AI system analyzes results
and calculates which extract can perform best for each specific indication.

Production with consumer in mind “Batch-To-Batch”

Through extensive research Seekwell has developed a unique technology for matching Hemp-based formulations to medical, physical indications selected with pin-point biochemical analysis and proprietary AI assisted process.

The Seekwell model is in fact a platform for medical indications; designed to ensure our partners a stable supply chain for each product, while targeting an expanding variety of indications.

By using our cutting-edge formulations and delivery platforms we optimize the absorption and function of each product, delivering batch to batch consistency in hemp efficacy.

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